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USD #468 Healy is a unique district in a very small rural town. The district is the pride of the community. The school is a 4-day a week school, Monday through Thursday from 7:55 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Healy provides K-12 quality education for every child in the community, as well as surrounding communities whose children choose to attend Healy school district. A half day preschool continues to be well attended.

Class sizes are small, taught by highly qualified teachers, giving attention to each and every student. At Healy, your child has a chance to excel and try anything, whether it may be through participation in a school-sponsored organization or an athletic program.

The Healy athletic program is a cooperative with USD #106 Western Plains in HS Volleyball, HS Football, HS Basketball, JH Volleyball, and JH Basketball. Track is the only sport that is stand-alone. Players travel for practices to Ransom, as well as practices at the home site.


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